Relationship Architecture in the Covid Era

  Times change but the importance of building relationships does not. Before social media and smartphones, people spent an ample amount of time doing business over the phone. I spent hours and hours on the phone when I was in radio, forming relationships with people that could either help us get guests on shows or […]

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What is Real?

My son, Antonio, is finishing up his freshman year at Boston College, albeit through virtual, eLearning. We were having breakfast this morning and he was telling me about the prompt for his final essay question in his class, Perspectives on Western Culture, which discusses, compares and contrasts the intersection between philosophy and religion. It’s a […]

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The Origins of Go Do

When I began my career in radio, I worked on the creative, rather than the business, side of the industry. I was in the programming department and would write and produce for different shows. I devoured the newspapers every day looking for potential topics and comedy bits. It was fun, and my mind was thinking […]

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