Relationships Equal Revenue

There are many preconceived notions on the art of the close and how to convince people to buy your products and services. The word “convince” or the concept to “persuade” is what leads people astray. The notion of the ABC’s of Sales that has been popularized by the movie Glengarry Glen Ross has led people […]

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You Can’t Handle The Truth, Or Can You?

There’s a great scene in the movie A Few Good Men, where Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson are going back and forth in a courtroom. In this scene, Cruise is cross-examining Nicholson in a Naval proceeding. It’s a legendary volley that culminates with Nicholson, through clenched teeth, blurting out, “You can’t handle the truth!” Powerful […]

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Don’t Let Fun Dictate

I recently spent time with a great group of friends, and we had a grand old time sharing stories, having dinner, drinking wine and really having a lot of laughs. It got me thinking about the close relationship I have with this group and how these friendships compare to my business relationships. The most glaring revelation […]

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