7 C’s eBook offer ~ Thanksgiving Weekend

The art of being a Relationship Architect is ensuring that you adopt a specific practice on how to approach building business relationships. However, even if you understand the principles that make up the characteristics of exceptional Relationship Architecture, you still must be able to communicate properly to ensure that what you intend is actually the way you are received. I hear a bunch about how important communication is, not only in business, but also in personal life. The question is: do we actually pay attention to what we are saying and the message we want to get across? Are we properly tending to the relationship with true and real-time communication?

Here’s an eBook to help you communicate like a Relationship Architect. It’s free from Black Friday through Cyber Monday to everyone who purchases Winning the Customer and can provide proof of purchase dated November 25, 2011 – November 28, 2011. Just email a copy of your receipt to Events@WinningtheCustomer.com and we will email you a copy of  the Seven C’s of Communicating like a Relationship Architect ~ as an added Thanksgiving Weekend bonus. You decide where you purchase Winning the Customer and provide proof of purchase and the 7 C’s eBook will be emailed to you.

When providing proof of purchase please include your name and email address. This is a special offer for a limited time. Currently the 7 C’s ebook is exclusively available through the purchase of Winning the Customer through this offer or bulk book purchases and is not available for sale in any other form for any set price.

Thank you and Best Wishes in Winning your Customer.


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  1. Been meaning to order your book. FYI, this promotion made it a no-brainer to get my order placed.

    Looking forward to reading both.

    1. Lou Imbriano says:

      Thank you Dave. That’s Awesome. I hope you enjoy them.

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