Relationship Architecture in the Covid Era

  Times change but the importance of building relationships does not. Before social media and smartphones, people spent an ample amount of time doing business over the phone. I spent hours and hours on the phone when I was in radio, forming relationships with people that could either help us get guests on shows or […]

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Dream Jobs Are Not Accidents

I have been very fortunate to have, what many people would consider to be dream jobs. While in college, I interned at NESN, got my first “real job” at WHDH Radio, I then built a career at Sports Radio WEEI, the New England Patriots, Gillette Stadium, and the New England Revolution. I did all this […]

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Be Disruptive

Every day, people interact with pleasantries and untrue exchanges. Questions are asked and others nod their heads in agreement, not because they actually agree, but because they do not want to “get into it” or ruffle feathers or be rude. Just because you disagree with others doesn’t mean you are rude. People often claim they […]

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