Don’t Give the SOB’s the Satisfaction

Most everyone, from time to time, has the feeling that they are rowing up stream and fighting a losing battle. Unfortunately, life isn’t served up on a silver platter; even when things come easy, there are always roadblocks and issues that you will have to face. I don’t care how bright you are, how much money you have, or how well-positioned you are to succeed, there will always be adversarial forces trying to prevent you from obtaining what you have set out to accomplish. Knowing this is half of the solution. Going into any project understanding the gale force winds that will slow you down is crucial to your perseverance.

Regardless of what gets in your way, knowing it’s coming and fighting through it is the one-two punch that will get you over the bumpy road. Quite often, the issues you face will be others who have different agendas and want to derail your efforts. Their reasons can vary, but a big factor is that they are jealous of your talents and abilities, and their own deficiencies cause them to begrudge you your success. The sole purpose of these envious people is to prevent you from achieving your goals and realizing success. Their satisfaction lies in your failure.

I say, “Don’t give the SOB’s the satisfaction.” Let their efforts propel your desire to succeed. Their dogging ways should fuel your perseverance and cause you to work even harder and be more persistent in your efforts. Their behavior should magnify your determination. The only truth in what they are doing is that they want you to quit. For some reason, your failure equals their happiness. Whether they believe they have just cause to root for your demise, or if they are just despicable human beings, your mission is clear – don’t give them the satisfaction.

Sometimes these are people you know; other times they are complete strangers. The familiarity of the person should not change you persistence. Have you ever put in an insurance claim? If the amount of the claim is significant, they “paperwork” you into a coma. Insurance companies are a perfect example of those who roadblock you for their own agenda, regardless of you and the facts. Their business plan is to make you jump through hoops and go through their maze of rules and steps to cause you to just give up out of pure frustration. Don’t be fooled, it is part of their plan for you to quit chasing the claim so they do not have to pay. When you quit, they make money. Now, if you’re owed the reimbursement, why would you quit? Why would you give in?

The insurance company wears you down to the point where you don’t care anymore and you just want to move on. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Wear them down and collect what you have coming to you. Do not allow any adversary or obstacle to get in your way to prevent you from what is yours for the taking. Do not let them make you believe it is not yours and that you do not deserve it. Fight for it; make it happen, because that is the only way to prove that you do, in fact, deserve the success and triumph.

There will be people in positions of power over you in many areas and at many levels. Whether it’s jealousy, selfish agenda or business strategy, the difference between success and failure in those instances is your perseverance. Stay tough, fight on, and don’t give them the satisfaction.


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  1. It’s so easy to get bogged down when people start trying to bring you down, isn’t it? In the Social Media world, you often hear and see people saying that “You aren’t doing things right until you get haters.” I don’t really know if that’s the best way to live and work, but approaching it the way you are talking about – getting motivated by the haters – that’s a great way to conquer them.

    Great post, Lou!

    1. Lou Imbriano says:

      Hi Margie,

      I am a bit delinquent in my response. Sorry. I always appreciate your comments and your continued support. Thank you for including the post in your 30 Thursday segment 🙂

      I hope all is well,

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