How To Become A Muse And Inspire Others

I have basically lived only with women my entire life. When I was a kid, my parents got divorced and I lived with just my mom and my sister, Stephanie. In addition to that, my grandmothers also had a strong influence on my life. I lived at home until I got married, as every good Italian boy should, so my wife, Patricia, was my next roommate until my daughter joined the family. So, until I was 35 years old and my son was born, I lived only with women.  Some may say that is the reason why I am good at decorating the house, but I would say it’s been the reason why I have flourished in all the areas I have embarked on. I have always had an unbelievable support system around me, and a group of women who inspired me to give 200% in everything that came my way.

Now that I think of it, even in the work place I have had strong women helping me in all my efforts; Jen Ferron, the current Senior VP of Marketing at the Patriots, and TrinityOne’s CMO, Kelly Downing have been instrumental in my success and the advancement of both respective companies. I always knew that I had the support of strong women around me, but it was yesterday, in a conversation with Elizabeth King (again, another strong woman working with me on a project), that the thought of them all being Muses and inspiring my efforts in one way or another came to mind. So I began to think of all the characteristics they possessed and how they have propelled my efforts; I have come to this conclusion – without them I would have accomplished nothing. It is these goddesses who have been the wind beneath my wings.

I know that the concept of a Muse is typically related more toward the arts and music. But in my experience, a Muse can inspire and propel any type of constructive effort. So wouldn’t it make sense if everyone had their own Muse or group of Muses? If so, then what would it actually take to become a Muse, other than being born of the gods? Since I have been fortunate enough to have experienced the effects of the Muse, I thought I’d share what I believe are the essential qualities to inspire folks to excel at what they do. 

So here are the Four M’s of being a Muse:

1)     Mothering ~ Feeling the love and protection of a person builds great confidence. The ability to nurture a person will have an amazing effect on instilling confidence, fueling a person to believe in himself/herself. This is the foundation to all great successful campaigns. To be a Muse you must embrace the concept of building confidence in the person you are inspiring.

2)     Motivating ~ Encouraging words are crucial to the Muse process, however, the timing and the emphasis of your pep talks are as equally important. Make sure you are giving the support that is needed, but are not just blowing smoke and providing empty compliments. The motivation has to be real, even when it’s a kick in the butt.

3)     Momentum ~ Keep the ball rolling. When things get frustrating or the passion for a project wanes, be there to help keep folks on track and push things along. That doesn’t mean do it for them, but keep them focused and moving toward the desired goal.

4)     Maximize ~ As a Muse, your job isn’t complete until both the goal is achieved and you propel your subject to capitalize on his or her efforts. Your success as a Muse is contingent on the rewards that are reaped due to your inspiration; ensure that your support does not fall short of making the most out of the effort.

To inspire and propel is a wonderful gift to bestow upon others. It will lead them to achieve their dreams and desired goals, while preventing them from falling short on their attempts toward success. There is no doubt that everyone should have a Muse. The question is, do you have it in you?

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