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Elizabeth's Take-

It’s been said that Elizabeth King “traffics in smarts”: she’s built a career in education and coaching—and a global clientele—with her natural independence, relentless pursuit of ideas, and witty candor. Lou Imbriano is the former chief marketing officer of the New England Patriots, a Boston talk radio veteran, and the managing director of Tentacle Capital, a digital marketing and strategy firm. He sometimes teaches marketing at Boston College and always brings his own brand of funny to the table.

Students and clients alike have referred to Elizabeth as “the Sledgehammer,” given her uncanny ability to knock through the nonsense and get down to brass tacks; Lou refers to his enthusiastic and always-activated philosophy for navigating the world of business and life with the streamlined motto “GoDo.” Each of us is a leader in our respective fields, each of us has made massive mistakes, and each week Elizabeth, Lou, and their special guests talk shop about principles and practices for small business, management, and personal development. It’s all in the name of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—and, of course, cash.

Lou's Take-

We wrote Winning the Customer together, and yeah, it’s a bunch of my stories and philosophes, but Elizabeth pushed me to get it right, to make sure we captured “teaching moments” and that I could get, what was in my brain out on the page so people could learn from the experiences. Ten years past and I thought, I got plenty of new stories and ideas to share, so it’s probably time for book two. I called Elizabeth and she told me she wasn’t quite sure she understood where I was going with the concept, but yeah, she was in. So, I started writing, she started picking it apart and we got on calls, and one thing we both agreed was the conversations were gold. Then we signed our new agent, Gary, and he was talking about the audio book version of the new book, and the one thing about Winning the Customer that never sat well with me, and still doesn’t, is that I should have told my stories in the Winning the Customer audio book. We came to the conclusion that Elizabeth should narrate the new book and I will tell the stories. Absolutely, love it!

This led Elizabeth to an altered format of the new book, which we are in the middle of writing, with her playing a more active role in the philosophies, methodologies and probing questions, being a businessperson herself the past ten years. I thought it was a smashing idea and as she was explaining it to me, I immediately said, “we need to do a podcast”. She had also come to that conclusion, but I interrupted, as I usually do, before she could get that part out. We both dug the idea, because like I said earlier, our conversations are typically gold. Now, we don’t have the same approach, views, training, style or ideas AND we have been known to disagree and frustrate each other, BUT for some reason, we always land in the same place when it comes to conveying solid advice and passing on our experiences. So here we are. We hope you enjoy our conversations as much as we do. Time to #GoDo

Elizabeth King

Elizabeth King is the president and principal at Elizabeth King Coaching, Inc. Elizabeth’s writing, speaking, and consulting roles revolve around cultivating critical thinking, quality culture, creativity, and learning. She frequently advises small business owners and young professionals, has served as mentor at multiple Startup Weekends, and is a founding board member of the North Shore Music Festival. She is the author of Outsmarting the SAT and Acing the ACT (Ten Speed Press ’08 and ‘15), and coauthor of Lou Imbriano’s Winning the Customer (McGraw-Hill ‘11).Elizabeth has appeared on the Sirius XM channels Wharton Business & Oprah Radio, was highlighted by Fast Company in 2012 as a member of “Generation Flux,” and has been referenced in the NY TimesWall Street Journal on Campus, and across the web. Elizabeth graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 2001 with a B.A. in Cultural Economics and was awarded Class of 1905 & Elisabeth Miller Bardwell Fellowships after graduation. Find her at

Lou Imbriano

Lou Imbriano serves as Managing Partner of Tentacle, a Marketing Engine. He is also Managing Director of Tentacle Capital, A firm forged at the intersection of marketing and finance, providing C-Level intellectual capital, traditional funding, marketing strategy and vision to small through midsize companies and startups. Imbriano Group is a key stakeholder in Tentacle Capital, Tentacle, Anodyne Granite, Oceans Table and a number of other portfolio companies. Lou provides advice to billionaires and small business owners alike.

Prior to embarking on his entrepreneurial career, Imbriano was the Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of the New England Patriots, New England Revolution and Gillette Stadium for nine seasons, with double duties as Chief Operating Officer for the New England Revolution for four seasons, Imbriano built powerful relationships that allowed the organization to achieve an increase in revenue by more than 600%.

Imbriano began his career working as a sports producer for WHDH radio. Lou remained in the Radio and Television Industry for almost a decade, formatting, producing and creating programming and marketing strategies for Sports Radio WEEI and producing and creating TV shows which aired on Sports Channel and NECN.

Imbriano also has inspired college students as a professor of sports marketing at his alma mater, Boston College from 2007-2014. Additionally, he was the co-founder of #sbchat on twitter providing insights and experience to the sports business industry.

Lou is the author of Winning the Customer, a business and marketing book from McGraw-Hill. He also blogs his philosophy, experience, stories, and teachings at his Relationship Architecture blog on his website, Additionally, Lou began sharing parenting stories for the blog, Be Present which can be found at