Lou embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and thrives on building, propelling and generating concepts & revenue for companies of all sizes. Lou brings his “Go Do” attitude to all of the companies he partners with and has an equity stake. Here are some companies that Lou has either founded, built the brand, created the revenue model, developed marketing strategies and much more, which fall under the Imbriano Group family of portfolio companies. Contact us here, if you have a company that could use our approach, advice, funding or intellectual capital.

The Imbriano Group’s mission is to cultivate and propel the marketing and revenue-generating business practices of companies, being completely invested in their concept and growth not just as a hired gun, but as a member of the company’s executive team, collaborating to building a strategy which will give them the intellectual capital needed to exceed their revenue goals. 

Tentacle LLC Tentacle is a full service marketing service and revenue enhancement provider that sits at the cross section of marketing agency services, digital marketing, data utilization and corporate finance. Tentacle serves as a marketing and business building solution for privately held, private equity backed high growth enterprises and brands. Tentacle helps clients build brand equity, acquire customers, drive revenues and maximize marketing R.O.I while serving client equity holders in building business enterprise value. Tentacle’s unique mix of knowledge, skills and proven experience possessed by its team of professionals provides clients a perfect scalable marketing and business partner in meeting client life cycle needs and challenges as they evolve from private ownership to private equity backing to a successful exit event.

Tentacle Capital is Beyond Invested in its portfolio companies providing all that is needed for growth and success. As a firm, we view every deal as a true partnership where our mission is to provide our partners and portfolio companies with the talent, tools, technology and trajectory necessary to achieve success. Tentacle Capital is a source of wealth in all areas of finance, marketing, operations, deal making and the highest level of business strategy and execution.

Ocean’s Table is a B to C subscription service delivering the freshest fish possible. The moment the captains arrive in Gloucester Harbor, their highly trained sous chefs fillet the fish and ship to customers in less than 24 hours. 

Fresh, never frozen.

Sonasure provides Safety in Sound. Our device is a ground-breaking wearable that monitors children and elderly, whom suffer from asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) sufferers. It provides patients the freedom to live fuller lives and families invaluable peace of mind. Our unique, personalized and wearable electronic cough sensor and always-on monitoring service can predict and prevent attacks caused by chronic and acute respiratory diseases. It has the power to reduce ER visits, hospitalizations and, ultimately, deaths.

PriJet is the search engine specifically designed for private jets. Our customers can research operating costs, find detail about a particular tail number, get worldwide airport information or easily locate a charter jet for their next trip.

Survey was built on the simple idea that retail is changing and brands deserve a better way to do business.

Their goal is to empower our customers with data and technology to offer targeted solutions to their specific retail challenges. With their background in mobile development and market research they saw an opportunity to build a company that leverages technology to provide customers with a faster, smarter, more accountable solution in an industry that doesn’t have enough of all three. Since they started this business more than 6 years ago they have helped hundreds of brands deal with their unique challenges in simple and innovative ways.

This client is a venture backed Clean Tech start-up based in South Carolina.Tentacle created client brand identity, built corporate website, supported go-to market strategy and provided marketing tactical support to client operator recruiting campaigns. Tentacle outcome helped client communicate and demonstrate disruptive, proprietary industry solution to  attract investment capital from institutional investors and family offices.

Your Private Marketplace. A SaaS Technology Platform that enables you to deliver to your customers what they really care about: A larger audience, greater marketing reach, more transactions, and revenues. Its conceptual simplicity is its elegance. You bring together your customers where they can be both be merchants
and consumers. Web, Mobile App, Content Manager and BI panel provide real-time usage data. Ordered by KPIs in a powerful tool for information collection and analysis. Commerce conducted in a trusted environment.

The mission of the Sports Business Academy is to offer the intellectual assets of experienced and proven sports business professionals that lead the industry in innovative advances for teams, venues, brands and athletes to aspiring sports business professionals to give them an edge in entering and executing in the industry.  The Sports Business Academy focuses on creating programs and services that will support sports organizations and individuals on a global level to ensure the growth and evolvement of the industry, while educating and training future and current executives in the industry.

News. Events. Volunteering. LetsAllDoGood app makes it easier to reach your supporters – directly and instantly on their smartphone. Nonprofits, community causes, school groups, youth recreation leagues and more are using LetsAllDoGood to get better results. 

Messaging. Organizing. Mobilizing. Supporters look at their phones over 80 times a day. They need to see you there.  LetsAllBeHeard app makes it easier to reach your supporters – directly and instantly on their smartphone. Unions, Candidates, Sitting Office Holders, PACs and more are using LetsAllBeHeard to get better results. 

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