Relationship Architecture Blog Turns One

Well, it’s been one year since I started blogging, and never in a million years would I have thought that writing a blog would have been so rewarding. I have come to the conclusion that everyone should write a blog. Everyone. I do not care if you don’t think that you have anything to say, you most likely do and you should share your experiences with others. A blog is the sliding glass doors to your soul. Letting people take a peek in and visit is a remarkable and rewarding occurrence.

For me, writing a couple of times a week has helped me become more in tune with my ideas.  Taking my thoughts and philosophies and putting them in a format for everyone to see has helped me become more precise with those thoughts. I took my strong opinions and fine-tuned them into a more coherent and thoughtful philosophical approach, and I found that when I shared them with others, it struck a chord. With each post I get emails, calls, notes and comments from readers telling me, “This is exactly what I needed today,” or “Thank you for reminding me of these principles,” or “I feel like we have both lived the same life.”

It’s humbling to read and hear those comments, which has, in itself, made writing the blog worthwhile. But there are so many more benefits in writing down your thoughts and posting them for others to see. People get to learn more about you and who you truly are. The perception of me was that I was always all about business, and that I needed to become more human. It probably was a true statement; it’s a hard thing to balance when you have objectives to achieve. A blog is a great way to break down those barriers to help humanize people, without losing a firm grip on the business side of things. Social media, in general, can help in this area, but blogs delve deeper and reveal much more about a person, both positive and negative. Depending on your approach, it can truly make you authentic.

The Relationship Architecture blog has also led to other tangible benefits for me. Because it defined my platform and honed my writing skills, I was able to get a book deal with McGraw-Hill, acquire speaking engagements, and set up meetings for potential business and clients. I realize that this may not be a typical or common outcome, but who’s to say that if you pour your soul into your writing the same will not happen for you. You are missing out on multiple levels if you do not seriously consider writing a blog. Even if you connect with just a few people and help them strive for something better, it is worth your effort; although, I believe you will experience much more than that.

So here’s what you need to do. Think about what your platform would be and what you would like to write about, for yourself and others. Do a little research on blogging and, most importantly, follow Mack Collier’s Twitter #blogchat on Sunday nights at 9pm EST. You will be able to ask questions and read advice from veteran bloggers about how to get things going and the guidelines to help you write the best blog possible. I had zero experience a year ago, and Blog Chat set me on the path to writing my blog. I have to also give a shout out to Lisa Petrilli, who started her blogging journey at the exact same time as I did. I know she would agree that the rewards have been endless. Happy Anniversary to you, Lisa, and your C-Level Strategies blog.  And, Happy Birthday to the Relationship Architecture blog, it’s been 100 posts and one spectacular year of building.

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  1. Grace Ann Novello says:

    Congratulations on ONE YEAR! Keep the blogs coming. I love them and you!

    1. Lou Imbriano says:

      Love you too Mom. Thank you.

  2. Congrats Lou! I think the 1st year of blogging is the toughest, so it’s all downhill from here!

    1. Lou Imbriano says:

      Thank you Mack.

      I owe you a great deal of gratitude for all your advice and the discussions with all the participants during #blogchat. I appreciate the time you spend making sure it runs smoothly and in the right direction.

      Thank you bud and my very best,

  3. Lou,

    Congratulations on your one-year anniversary, and on all you’ve accomplished! It’s been an honor and pleasure to be on the journey with you this year…you have inspired me every step of the way! Here’s to many more years of this window to your soul…

    I can’t wait to see what this next year brings for you as you launch the book. 🙂

    Hugs and all the very best,

    Lisa Petrilli

    1. Lou Imbriano says:

      Thank you so much Lisa.

      I too feel like we are siblings on this blogging journey. I only wish I was as bright and courageous as you. Thank you for your constant support and kindness. I am very happy to have met you and look forward to future adventures (and cannoli) together.

      My very best,

  4. Congratulations on a great first year, and looking forward to many more.

    -Russell (@rscibetti)

    1. Lou Imbriano says:

      Hi Russell,

      Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate you taking the time to not only read, but also to comment. Thank you very much.

      My best,

  5. Nik Souris says:

    Congrats! and Great insights. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Lou Imbriano says:

      Thank you Nik. I appreciate your comment and thoughtfulness.

  6. Lou, a bunch of us are glad you started, and lots more will be in the coming years. Congratulations!

    1. Lou Imbriano says:

      Thank you Steve.

      I appreciate you constant support and am so glad we had lunch that afternoon in Boston. Knowing you is a pleasure. Thank you.

      My best,

  7. Congrats on this wonderful milestone Lou. You have a very distinct voice and powerful message, and I look forward to continuing reading and learning from you.

    1. Lou Imbriano says:

      Thank you Carol.

      I appreciate your sentiments because you too have a unique and powerful voice that resonates with me. Your constant support and kindness means a lot to me. Thank you.

      My best,

  8. Roy Atkinson says:

    Lou – Congrats on the first year! It’s been a pleasure reading your posts. I wish you continued success. -Roy

    1. Lou Imbriano says:

      Thank you bud. You are good man and a true gentleman.

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