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Lou is a storyteller that understands how to extract a meaningful and moving lesson out of an entertaining, real life depiction. When Lou speaks his passion and presentation captures the attention of the audience. Lou has a down to earth, commonsense approach and delivery of his subject matter and is known to invoke chuckles and laugher while making his point.

Lou talks about Relationship Architecture and how to build unbreakable business relationships. He also discusses sports business and marketing and how to maximize revenue generation but every time he speaks he customizes his discussion to the needs of the specific organization. What makes Lou so effective is that he discusses not only his successes, but also the mistakes he has made along the way. Lou worked his way from coffee fetcher to Director, VP to CMO, COO & CEO so he understands the various levels of an organization and the importance of each.

Lou Imbriano will bring knowledge and passion to your conference, meeting or special event. Lou has worked with a variety of companies around the world including the following:

Lou is also available for corporate workshops. Lou and his team isolate specific areas of need within a company and create working sessions that will assist marketing and sales professionals in their efforts to take the next steps to achieving their goals. Half or full day sessions are customized with the use of workbooks and skill building tools to help them overcome deficiencies and roadblocks. Areas we specialize in include:


  • The New Business Funnel ~ The steps necessary to get from prospecting to closing business (and how to get clients to continue to include you in their plans).
  • Relationship Architecture ~ Building remarkable business relationships that generate revenue and continue to evolve to provide mutually beneficial results.
  • Marketing Operations ~ The key steps to implementing Systems and Structure in order to ensure your business grows and continues to achieve it’s goals.
  • How to Build a New Business Relationship and Prospect ~ Implementing the system necessary in day to day interaction to ensure business opportunities are not squandered and that all meetings are maximized for results.

Our workshops will get your executives and employees thinking in a way to maximize opportunity for growth of your organization.

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