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Lou Imbriano serves as President and CEO of TrinityOne. With a specialty in sports, TrinityOne is a unique marketing agency that takes a non-traditional approach to extending the brand of a company and organization. Imbriano consults with sports teams, venues and corporations all around the globe on marketing and operational strategy, as well as new business development and social media strategy.

To discuss how Lou and TrinityOne can assist you and your company, email Lou at lou@trinity1.com, or call 617.412.4056. Check out our client testimonials.

Lou Imbriano is the principal of IE international, a content creation company that develops, creates and produces content for television, radio and digital consumption. IE international also creates unique content for various companies and individuals in a very confidential manner, not using the IE International brand, but as a “white label affiliate” that provides material for companies not equipped to produce it internally. IE works with clients to understand their unique goals then will format and create programming to achieve desired goals.

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