Be Disruptive

Every day, people interact with pleasantries and untrue exchanges. Questions are asked and others nod their heads in agreement, not because they actually agree, but because they do not want to “get into it” or ruffle feathers or be rude. Just because you disagree with others doesn’t mean you are rude. People often claim they […]

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Title Does Not Equal Accomplishment

Growing up in an Italian family makes you rich in culture and tradition. There are so many wonderful aspects about how we enjoy life together – spending time together, the way that we welcome folks into our home with genuine kindness and hospitality, the fabulous food, and much, much more.  A great deal of any […]

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There’s More To The Truth Than Just The Facts

In a previous job, there was an employee I considered to be a pal, even a friend, who was let go for “suspicious reasons”. “Leadership” told us the employee was involved in some unethical behavior and was not a “loyal employee”. I was shocked and a bit devastated to hear this news because I was […]

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