Give More ~ Get More

I grew up in East Boston in a three-decker dumbbell tenement building. My grandparents lived on the first floor and we lived on the third floor. We spent a lot of time on the first floor with my grandparents and ate dinner there practically every night. My grandmother was a seamstress and worked piecework in […]

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Beers Bring the Jeers, Wins Bring the Cheers

Since the news hit the media about the Red Sox pitchers having a couple of brews on days they were not in the rotation, the uproar and absurd comments have been aplenty. I don’t typically write about players’ behaviors or activities, because that really isn’t my area. However, a few people have asked me if […]

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Think Of Me First

I recently had an epic lunch with Ann Handley (aka @MarketingProfs) at one of my favorite places, Angelo’s in Stoneham, MA. If you know me even a little, then you know that I don’t understand the term “grab a quick bite.” As we were coming to the end of multiple courses, Ann said something that […]

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