The Building Blocks of My Blog

I’m 45 and I’m starting a blog. Am I too old? Am I past my prime to leap into this realm of jotting down my thoughts so perfect strangers can read them? I probably should have started this blogging thing years ago. Just the years I was working with the New England Patriots alone could have supplied a decade of great content.

To make matters worse, I’m really not starting one blog… I’m starting two. I was all set to start one under my name and talk about various things that I discuss in the class I teach at Boston College, Sports Marketing Philosophies, advice I give to clients and colleagues, and discussions on life that I have with Patricia (my wife) and the kids at dinner or when we are just hanging out. BUT, I started following this guy @MackCollier on Twitter, because he seemed like an interesting guy and he chatted about blogging, so I figured I could get some tips.

One day I notice Mack mentioning this #blogchat thing, Sunday nights via Twitter. I figured what the heck, slow TV night, kids are in bed, let me check it out. Holy Mother of Jesus – I had no idea what I was getting into with #blogchat. I couldn’t keep up with all the advice and questions and the speed of the whole thing. I was fully wiped out and mentally exhausted after my first #blogchat. I don’t tire easily, I ran three Super Bowl trips when I was at the Patriots – and those are intense 20 hour days, every day, for a two week period.

Fortunately, Mack supplied a transcript of #blogchat at the end of the night. However, I still felt like a fish out of water, so I began prepping for the next #blogchat. I started doing some research, formulating questions, and utilizing typing exercises and finger stretches to be fully prepared. The next Sunday night when it was time for #blogchat, I had my computer, Black Berry and iPad positioned all around me so I could tweet and read and retweet and be #blogchat rookie of the night.

Well, after all my questions, numerous #blogchat sessions and advice I received from complete strangers (who could just be messing with me). I have to announce that these gurus of blogging have tortured my life.  Their rules dictate that I should write two blogs…not one…each with very specific goals. My head is spinning with all these blogging rules. Wait…have to stop and make sure I am not going over my word count.  Aww screw it. Let the blog police give me a ticket…

Ha ha – Of course, I write that last paragraph all in jest. The one thing that I have learned is that there are some great guidelines to help direct you into writing a successful blog that folks will actually read. But one line that typically comes from my new friends at #blogchat after they provide numerous choices is  – “it’s up to you.”

I have had so many experiences in dealing with different folks and relationships thoughout my years working in radio, television, and with the New England Patriots & New England Revolution, and I have to say, I don’t know if I have ever come across a more giving group of strangers in my life. It is completely remarkable to me that people would stop to share their experiences and provide advice for no other reason than to help rookies like me in the world of blogging. That reeks of Relationship Architecture and is at the core of building remarkable relationships.

Thank you everyone at #blogchat.  I don’t know you, but you’re wonderful and I dedicate my very first blog entry (at the old age of 45) to you. And sorry, I am over the recommended word count – have a feeling that will happen often.

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