The New Meadowlands Exceeded Expectations (Ummm) – in Customer Service

Last Sunday, my wife, Patricia and I were invited to the New York Giants home opener at the brand new – New Meadowlands Stadium. We were interested in checking out all of the bells and whistles incorporated into the complex, and found a few aspects that definitely did not disappoint. The four extra-large HD video boards were massive and crystal clear. The concourses had very large video boards and TV’s both inside and outside throughout the stadium. The Coaches Club had a great selection of food, but more importantly, afforded a sideline, field-level view of all the action. It also served as the location for the post game press conference.

These were all fabulous aspects of the New Meadowlands, and despite the sterile nature of the venue due to the dual NFL use by both the Jets and Giants, it was a comfortable and enjoyable facility in which to view the game and enjoy the day. But none of these came close to being the finest amenity. The most unexpected and pleasant feature of the stadium had nothing to do with the architecture of the building itself. The absolute best part of the experience was the exceptional customer service that was provided. The staff operated as true Relationship Architects, out-shining the steel, brick and turf by leaps and bounds.

From the moment we drove into the lot, the staff was pleasant, helpful and went out of their way to make sure we had an enjoyable experience. And here is the amazing part – it wasn’t just one or two stellar stadium employees – it was at least a dozen people we interacted with who all were unbelievable and very attentive to our enjoyment. It doesn’t stop there.  We did not encounter a single employee who reverted to mediocre customer service. I use the term “reverted”, because during my several experiences at the old stadium, I found that mediocre customer service was a highlight. Not at the New Meadowlands Stadium, however. On Sunday, Customer Happiness was in the air, like the sweet smell of grilled sausages (and you know that makes this Italian happy).

The transformation is remarkable. And I am not just referring to the Premium or VIP areas – exceptional service was everywhere. Questions were answered with delight, directions were given with precision, and smiles were plentiful. I’m tough when it comes to this type of stuff, but Patricia can be brutal in pinpointing deficiencies – yet at one point she turned to me and said, “that woman is a super star,” referring to one of the workers in the Coaches Club. And she absolutely was; she made us feel welcome, explained all aspects of the area (without being asked), showed us around, gave us tips, and cleaned our table for us when we finished. She was amazing. The entire feeling of niceness blew us away.

So, The New Meadowlands Stadium was an absolute architectural success – Relationship Architecture, that is. Awesome display of customer service, New Meadowlands Stadium. Your performance was at Championship Level. Spectacular!

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